Teen Crushes: Then and Now….

Last month Abby wrote a post featuring Halloween movies for the the faint of heart (check it out here) that made all of us giddy with nostalgia. "Why?" you ask (or maybe not if you've read the post title). Well, because it brought up all of those emotions associated with our hormone-surging, boy-crazy, preteen/teen selves. ... Continue Reading →

Freaky Friday: Little Danny

Well guys, we’ve made it to yet another Friday. It’s become one of my favorite days of the week because a) it’s the end of the work week and b) that means it’s time for another Freaky Friday post. In the past Abby has regaled you with some of her favorite alien sexy times, and... Continue Reading →

Martian Ants Need Love Too

We read a lot in the name of science. We're basically a research institute unto ourselves. It takes fortitude, patience, and perseverance, but we do what we do for the benefit of all of human kind. When others may be wary or hesitant, you can count on a member of our team to step up... Continue Reading →

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