A Day in the Life of an Insomniac

  When the alarm goes off:             How I feel at work: What I think about all day long: What it's like on the ride home: 10 P.M.: Midnight: Attempting to sleep at 2 A.M.: At 3 A.M. or later: What it's like to get up the next morning:

“Charming” (Bastan Hollow Series #1) RELEASE DAY!

Charming by Jane Washington Release Date: 11th December 2018 Genre: Fantasy/Romance Lilou Adler is a student at the Bastan College for Applied Physics: a magic school focussed on training adult witches and warlocks to become Enforcers. As an Enforcer-in-training, she is one of the many tasked with keeping each generation of fairy tale creatures on... Continue Reading →

What We Are Reading Recap

The Soul Eater series by Pippa DaCosta. The main character is Ace, a recovering addict. His addiction? Eating souls. He’s thousands of years old and a private investigator bound to a demon sorceress named Shukra. He was married to Bastet, Goddess of Cats (and fertility and childbirth). That didn’t work out so well and now... Continue Reading →

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