“Charming” (Bastan Hollow Series #1) RELEASE DAY!

Charming by Jane Washington Release Date: 11th December 2018 Genre: Fantasy/Romance Lilou Adler is a student at the Bastan College for Applied Physics: a magic school focussed on training adult witches and warlocks to become Enforcers. As an Enforcer-in-training, she is one of the many tasked with keeping each generation of fairy tale creatures on... Continue Reading →

What We Are Reading Recap

The Soul Eater series by Pippa DaCosta. The main character is Ace, a recovering addict. His addiction? Eating souls. He’s thousands of years old and a private investigator bound to a demon sorceress named Shukra. He was married to Bastet, Goddess of Cats (and fertility and childbirth). That didn’t work out so well and now... Continue Reading →

I’m Breaking up with You!

BOOK DEAL BREAKERS We’ve all had it happen: nose deep in a wonderful story (or series) we can’t get enough of, and then the author did THAT, making us want to throw our book (or Kindle) across the room. There’s no forgiving the author’s choice. It’s time to pull the plug. So don't even ask.... Continue Reading →

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