Girl Power – Female Book Heavyweights

We all have our favorites and just as every book is different, so every reader's experience will be. Each person holds female characters to different standards. As a general rule, she is good at self-defense, is kind and loyal, fair, and an assertive straight-talker. Humor is important, along with the ability to discern when to rush in and when to play it safe. She... Continue Reading →

Shut Up and Take My Money Already!

From overfilling their books with blah, blah, blahs (AKA needless, contrived details) to forcing us to choose yet another team in the dreaded love triangle (#teamlogan—alright, that’s Veronica Mars, but still), authors LOVE to get up to their shenanigans. But for some reason we keep coming back for more. We keep buying books and we... Continue Reading →

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